[Warning: Graphic Content] Leaked Facebook conversation sparks controversy at uOttawa

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WARNING: Story contains graphic language

Disclaimer: In the spirit of transparency, I would like to disclose the fact that I am a student at the University of Ottawa and have had previous contact with some of the people involved in this situation. 

The University of Ottawa has been rocked by a scandal of a particularly sensitive nature. It involves a private Facebook message between five University of Ottawa male students who either currently hold or have held positions of leadership within their respective student associations. On February 10, during the most recent Student Federation of the University of Ottawa’s (SFUO) election campaign, Anne-Marie Roy, who was re-elected as SFUO president, received an anonymous e-mail which contained screenshots of a private conversation between these five students, Bart Tremblay, Alexandre Giroux, Alex Larochelle, Pat Marquis and Michel Fournier-Simard.

Timeline of events

During the February 23 SFUO board of administration meeting, an emergency motion was presented to condemn the five students. When Fournier-Simard, Giroux, Larochelle and Tremblay found out that Anne-Marie Roy was planning on circulating screenshots of the conversation to all board members in support of the motion, they served her with a cease and desist order which “threatened legal action against Roy if she did not ʻdestroyʼ her copy of the online conversation and stop sharing it with others.”

On February 28, The Belle Jar blog was the first to publish the screenshots of the conversation in question. On the same day, a Facebook group called UOttawa Students demand Resignation of Pat Marquis and Associates was created and has since garnered nearly 1,400 likes at the time of publication.

On Saturday, University of Ottawa President Allan Rock commented on the situation: “The comments demonstrate attitudes about women and sexual aggression that have no place on campus, or anywhere else in Canadian society. The University will work with our student President to ensure the situation is addressed properly.”

The Fulcrum was the first to break the news on a first wave of resignations: Pat Marquis and Alex Larochelle had stepped down. Marquis claims that his decision was “based on his receipt of hate mail and threats”. A screenshot of a message that was allegedly sent by Guillaume Lavigne to Marquis has been circulating on Facebook:

Guillaume Lavigne threats to Pat Marquis

Yesterday, the Ottawa Sun reported that Michel Fournier-Simard and Alexandre Giroux had also resigned from their respective positions as elected student representatives. The article also states that Ms. Roy received a letter of apology from all four former student representatives.

Read a statement by Anne-Marie Roy

This unfortunate incident has now garnered national attention and will undoubtedly reignite discussions surrounding rape culture on Canadian campuses. However, it is unclear how this private Facebook conversation was obtained in the first place. While the content of the conversation is extremely troubling to say the least, could this be considered, for example, an invasion of privacy, in particular under section 184 of the Criminal Code? On the other hand, could Ms. Roy pursue legal action against these five men for cyberbullying? Do such incidents deter young women from getting involved in student politics and/or politics in general?

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