Regroupement des associations étudiantes universitaires du Québec (RAEU)


Last updated on October 15, 2013

Regroupement des associations étudiantes universitaires du Québec (RAEU) was created in on March 28, 1976. Originally, it was started out as a working group which would allow university student associations to focus on issues specific to to their members. It should be noted that the Association Nationale des Étudiantes et des Étudiants du Québec (ANEEQ) was dominated by student associations from the CEGEPS (24 to be precise as opposed to 5 university student associations). According to Pierre Bélanger’s Le mouvement étudiant québécois : son passé, ses revendications et ses luttes (1960 – 1983) (see page 92), these specific issues included: tuition fees, the quality of teaching, student services, the university administration’s administrative and centralizing powers over the institution’s affairs and the response to this issue by university student associations. In 1978, Normand Lapointe and Jean Baillargeon, two university students active with the RAEU, began openly criticizing the ANEEQ and promoting the independence of the RAEU.